How to decode quran? Here’s how to understand it

By CBC News Staff • September 26, 2018 12:58:59Quran is the Arabic language of the world and the Book of the Qur’an.

It was translated into English by Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1832, but was kept secret from the world until 1962, when it was published in English under the title The Qur’ans Sacred Text.

In this CBC News special series, CBC’s Althia Raj explores how Qur’an has been translated and what you can do to learn more about it.

The first time I read it, it was a revelation, a miracle.

It opened my eyes to a new world and gave me the power to understand life, love and death.

It was a profound moment for me because I knew it would change the way I lived my life.

I had never really been interested in reading the Quran before.

I knew I wanted to learn Arabic.

When I got to the mosque and got to that mosque and saw the beautiful books, I just thought, “Oh my God, this is what I need to do.”

It was like the beginning of my life in Islam.

I learned Arabic from the Qurans first volume of the Quran, which is the oldest and most comprehensive collection of Quranic verses.

I remember going through the first one and just looking at all the verses and thinking, “This is the Quran I need.”

I felt so connected to the Quran.

I would pray five times a day, but I also learned Arabic and became really comfortable with it.

And I started to read it.

In the middle of my first year of college, I started studying Islam and I started reading the Koran.

And in the last year, I really began to understand that this was the place that was going to transform my life and I could really do something with my life, I could become a scholar, I was going into the university and I was studying and doing this.

It changed my life forever, for the better.

I was really blessed.

The second time I heard the Quran was during my first month of study at a university in France.

I got the book and I read the first two verses, and then I went through the book again, and again.

I loved it.

I said, “You know, this book is amazing.”

The book was like a revelation.

I thought, I have to know more about Islam, more about what this is all about, more than I knew.

It just changed everything for me.

The third time I came to Canada, I found the Quran and started studying it.

It changed everything.

I began to look at the world from a completely different perspective.

The world is much bigger than I thought it was and there’s a lot more than we thought.

I think that’s why the Quran has changed my mind so much.

I felt like I could do so much more in my life than I had imagined.

It really changed everything that I did in my whole life.

I found I had so much love and so much respect for the Quran that I couldn’t understand it at all.

I realized that this is the place where I can really go in order to get my needs met.

I think it’s amazing, but at the same time it’s just like a lot of things you learn.

It’s not easy to put all the pieces together, but that’s how I came about studying Islam.

In terms of the translation, it has been done by someone who is a very knowledgeable person, and it’s a very important part of the life of the prophet.

He is the most revered person in the history of the Islamic religion.

He taught us how to read the Quran, how to write the Quranic texts, and he is the one who wrote it, so it’s an honor for me to be able to help.

As a scholar of the Bible, the translation is very important.

The Qurans translation is not only a revelation of the God of Islam, but also an indication of what it means to be Muslim and what it says about our place in the world.

It is an important part in the life.

It has a big impact.

In some ways, the Qur`ans translation has always been very controversial because it’s been misinterpreted.

But in the end, it’s still the most beautiful book that Islam has ever produced.

It is the greatest revelation in the entire world.

That’s why I think it will remain a source of inspiration to the Muslims for generations to come.

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