‘I have to go home’: The English muffin – an emotional story

A former footballer’s passion for the English muffins has made him a global celebrity.

But he has also brought the country’s famous muffins back to the front page.

After years of absence, former Manchester United footballer David Beckham was recently featured in the story of his new English muffnies. 

“I was at a football match, and the fans were coming in, and I was watching the English players in the stands and they had a big English muff, and it was so good, I thought, ‘This is my new English muffin,'” Beckham told the BBC.

“I said to myself, ‘OK, it is time for me to come back.'”

A new era beganBeckham and his family bought the muffins from a baker in Bristol, who made them in his shop. 

Beckham was in his late 20s and a football fan, and loved the look of the muffin.

But when he was asked to design the new muffins, he was not sure what he would design.

“We were all in a bit of a rush, and at the time I had a few ideas of what I wanted,” he said.

“And I said, ‘Why don’t we come up with a muffin?’

And we went to work on the first one and then the second one and the third one, and then we came up with the last one, the one I designed.”‘

This is the muff’It took two years to create, and Beckham had to redo the design to get the right fit.

“It is not just the shape of the cup, but also the way it is shaped, the colour of the icing, the way the muff is rolled and the way you hold it up, and also the size,” he explained.

Beckham said he was proud to be a part of the history of the English muffs, and was proud of his work.

“There’s a lot of great things about the muff, not just in England but around the world, and now it is the main thing for people to look at,” he told the channel.

“To be a footballer, and to be the best player, and have the muff to wear in the team, it means a lot to me.”

So, to be able to be involved in this, to have that on your front page, that means a big deal.

“The muff has now been featured on BBC World News, and in the magazine Sports Illustrated.”

What it means is it is a great thing, it’s a beautiful thing, and so it’s just something that I am very proud of,” Beckham said.

Beckers father, Alan, who played for Liverpool, also gave his opinion on the history behind the English football team.”

The muff is the biggest thing to go with the English team, but they are not famous for it,” he added.”

They are famous for their shirt and the shirt has a big part in their history.

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