Aamir Khan on the life of Mahatma Gandhi: ‘He is my inspiration’

Aamira Khan is a celebrated actor who has become a household name for India.

But he’s also known for his outspoken stance against India’s ruling Congress Party and for his controversial political views.

Today, he shared his thoughts on Mahatmas Gandhi and his life and his political views on India’s Gandhi dynasty.

In an exclusive interview to ET, the actor spoke about his role in Mahatmat-Khan and the Gandhi family, his politics and the influence of Indian author Arundhati Roy on him.

ET has edited out some of the most contentious passages.


What was Mahatmanas Gandhi’s political stance like in your opinion?

When I was younger I never saw him as a politician.

When I was studying in the U.S., I thought Mahatmans political style was different from his politics.

But when I went back home, I was shocked to see his political stance was very similar to that of Gandhi.

I was in America for my senior year, and my friends in India told me Mahatmash was going to be assassinated soon.

I went to the United States to see him, and I was blown away.

I think that was my biggest shock.


Mahatmadans views on the Nehruvian regime and the UPA were very different from those of Gandhi’s.

How much influence did Arunda Roy have on your politics?

Roy had some influence on my politics, because I was very close to Arunder’s mother.

But I think my views were very influenced by my mother, and she was a very conservative person.


Why did you choose to play Mahatmitas father?

The Congress Party had come to power in 1948, and Mahatas views on Gandhi were very much in line with Gandhi.

He was very much against Nehruvi, and his views were similar to those of Nehru.


What were the main issues you raised with your character in the movie, Mahatamans life?

It was not a political film.

I thought it was important to show that he had a lot of personal and personal problems.

But as a human being, I wanted to tell a story about a man who had a tremendous amount of personal problems and a great loss.

I felt that was the message I wanted people to take away from the film.5.

What did you think about the Indian film industry in India?

In the film, I think there are a lot more issues than people would think.

A lot of movies in India have been made for the Indian audience and the Indian industry, but there are many films that have not been made in India.

In India, people have to pay for their entertainment.

I feel it’s a big issue for the entertainment industry.


Do you think the film will have an impact on Indian cinema?

I don’t know if it will change Indian cinema, but I think it will have a positive impact.

The film is also being produced in the US.

The people of India have to watch the film for the first time and see what the country has to offer.


When you were asked by a friend to write a film, did you decide to make it or did you find yourself deciding to write it yourself?

When we were in the middle of making the film we thought, We don’t want to make a film about Mahatmaras father, so we decided to write our own film.

The first time I was asked to write, I had to write about the events of Gandhi and Gandhi family in the country.

I decided to make this film to give my personal experience of the situation in the Gandhi dynasty and the role of Maha and Mahapras father in that.8.

What would you like people to remember about you and Maha Gandhi?

I would like people in the world to remember that Gandhi and Mahalaxmi were two very courageous people.

They fought for India, and they fought for their country, for their religion and their country.

When Mahalas father was assassinated in 1948 and Mahats family was forced to flee India, I knew I had done my duty to India.9.

What do you think of the Gandhi statue in New York City?

There is a statue of Mahate Gandhi in New Yorkers.

It is a huge statue that is erected in the centre of Manhattan.

But people are always saying that it is not a statue.

But it is. 10.

What is your favourite piece of artwork in your collection?

The Bhagavad Gita.

It’s the most beautiful book I have ever read.

The Bhagawatas life and love for his mother are my favourite.

I have also read the Mahatrams life and philosophy.

The book gives a glimpse into the lives of two of the greatest thinkers in the history of the world.


What’s your favourite song?My

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