How to make a Creole-English dictionary

The International Creole Language Association, an organisation that advocates for the preservation and development of the Creole language in Australia, has published a set of guidelines for its members.

It’s a collection of tips on how to properly and correctly spell and pronounce words.

The organisation’s president, Marisa Hernández, said the guidelines are not designed to teach students or teachers how to use the language.

But they are useful when teaching language learners and other people who might be confused about the way the language is pronounced, she said.

“They are great to have around,” Ms Hernanez said.

Ms Harnánez said the organisation also had written guidelines for people who wanted to learn a language and were not fluent in English, such as those who had just completed an education or had a disability.

Ms Saini said she felt she needed to learn more about Creole, especially because of the number of people in Australia who spoke the language in their everyday lives.

“I think there is a lot of confusion and confusion about the language, especially in our communities, and a lot more to come about,” Ms Sainsi said.

“I feel like I have a responsibility to educate and enlighten people about the Creoles, but there are still some things we need to work on, such the pronunciation and writing and the language itself.”

She said she hoped to speak to Ms Hennándes about her plans in the future.

“There are so many things that need to be addressed,” MsSainsi added.

“This is just a start.

We need to go further and make sure that we are educating and educating everyone, especially children.”


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