Why the word ‘bully’ is getting old, and why we need to change it to ‘pig’

Bully is a catchall term for an aggressive, aggressive person.

It’s an old-fashioned insult that comes from the 19th century, and it’s been used as a term for any person who doesn’t take kindly to being teased, or who takes things too personally.

So when the term “bully” comes up in conversation, it’s a bit of a mouthful.

“Bully” is still a relatively new word in the US, but there are already a lot of new terms popping up.

Here’s what we’re calling the top 10.


Bulldog Bulldog is a slang term for a pig.

The word is derived from the German word for “bull,” which was derived from “pig,” which in turn was derived, as you can see from the English pronunciation, from “pit bull.”


Pied pig Pied pigs are a pig-shaped dog, which is the name of a dog breed.

It was also used as the name for a breed of horse, and an area of the US where people refer to themselves as a “pied pig.”


Doggy Piedpigs were a breed that originated in the UK.

They’re a small, small breed of pig that were born in England and bred for their fur.

The name “doggy” comes from a term used for a large horse, the term being derived from a verb meaning to run at large.


Bull pig Bullpigs are a breed bred for the fur of pigs.

The pig was first domesticated in England around 1400.

It came to the United States in the 18th century and became a popular pet in the 19st century.

Bullpig is also a term that comes up a lot in the United Kingdom, where the breed is also called the “piggie” pig.


Fiddlehead Fiddleheads are a type of pig.

They have long, slender tails, and they are found in many parts of the United State.

The Fiddle-head pig is named after a local town in Kentucky, and people here often refer to it as the “town fiddlehead pig.”


Piggie Pig Piggies are a popular breed of pigs, which were bred to be very friendly to people.

The Piggi is a term from the Irish Gaelic language, which means “little fiddle.”

The Pig-e is a name for the breed, and the Piggii is a shortened form of the breed name.


Bull Piggis are a small breed, which originated in England.

They can grow up to a height of 2 feet (60 centimeters) and weigh around 2 pounds (900 grams).

Bullpiggies can be found in areas such as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Texas.


Doggie Doggies are large breed dogs that were originally bred for being aggressive.

They were first bred in Ireland and the United Kingdoms to fight in the Scottish and Welsh wars.

In Scotland, the breed was named after the old village of Doggleigh.


Pidgey Pidgeys are smaller breed dogs, and were bred by English and Scottish settlers.

The breed was originally called the Scottish Shorthaired Pidgeon, and in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the name was given to the breed in the U.K. Pigeons were also named for Pigeon Hill in Scotland, where Pigeots are known to roam.


Cooties Cootys are small breed dogs from England, with an average weight of 1 pound (454 grams) and an average height of about 3 feet (1.2 meters).

Cootie is the British name for dog.

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