Oxford English Dictionary: Spanish to English dictionary

Oxford English dictionary has updated its Spanish-to-English dictionary to include new translations from Oxbridge English.

Oxford English is a reference work that provides English grammar, syntax and spelling lessons in the language.

Oxbridge English has long been known for its Spanish and Italian editions, which have helped millions of people worldwide learn English.

However, in 2015, Oxbridge started removing translations from its Spanish to Oxford English and French editions, and in 2016, it added an additional English to English translation.

Oxfords new translation for the Spanish-English Dictionary, from the Oxford English Corpus, has been described as “an exciting step forward for English learners”.

Oxford University said: “We hope this is a step forward in the right direction and will be publishing more Spanish- to English dictionaries in the coming years.”

The Spanish-language dictionary now includes a comprehensive set of new translations that have been added to reflect the modern Spanish-speaking world and the growing importance of this language in international diplomacy.

“Oxford dictionary editor John H. Pritchard said: ‘This is a huge step forward.’

Oxford’s Spanish- English Dictionary is available to purchase at the Oxford online shop, bookshops and library.

It is published in English, French and Italian, with an extra Spanish-translations included.

Oxendata also said the new translation will be added to other Oxford dictionaries that have English-to English dictionars, which include the English-language edition of the Oxford Companion to the English Language and the Oxford Dictionary of World Literature.

The Oxford English translation of the Spanish to American English dictionary is available for purchase.

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