Why are English words becoming so bad in the English-language dictionary?

English is an official language of the United Kingdom and Ireland, but some of the words are being used to mean other things.

The UK government wants the word ‘tongue’ to be replaced by ‘schnauzer’, but it is being challenged in courts by the American company that owns it.

In the US, a new version of the word, ‘naughty’, has also been challenged.

The dictionary, created by the Royal English Academy, is used by more than 40 million people in England and Wales.

It is the largest dictionary in the world and the basis for nearly 10 million English words, many of which have been changed since it was created more than 150 years ago.

The current version of it was published in September 2018 and will go into effect in 2020.

The English word ‘lucky’ is also being challenged by a US company.

The dictionary has also received a challenge from the US Federal Court of Appeals.

The word ‘disco’ is being used in a similar way in the US as in the UK, and the case will be heard in 2019.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the word “disco” cannot be used as a slang term in Britain, but the Government is challenging that decision.

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