‘Rashomon’ to go off air after 20-year run

The French language drama Rashomon will go off the air following 20 years on air in 2019.

The French TV channel, Canal+, will air the drama on the following dates: September 27, 2019; October 16, 2019, October 23, 2019 and November 7, 2019. 

Rashomans name in French was first used in a French translation of The Simpsons.

The show’s name comes from the French slang word ‘rashomon’, which is used to describe a person with poor English speaking ability. 

The title is a reference to a fictional character in the Ricky Clarkson movie, Ralph Nader.

Rashamon has a cast of 13 characters.

It was first produced in 1987. 

It has been a series since 1998, when it was renewed for a fifth season.

The series was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program in 2003.

Rays of Light was the first French-language drama to win an Emmy award.

The show won the award for Outstretching Dramas in 1997 and 2003.

In 2019, the series will be re-aired in its entirety, with no additional episodes.

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