Spanish family’s pizza made from ‘peanut butter and jelly’

The family of a Spanish family that makes their pie using peanut butter and jueves are celebrating the holiday season with a new recipe.

They use peanut butter to make their cookies, while jelly is used to make the cheese sauce.

The family told USA TODAY they make their peanut butter, jelly, and cheese sauce in the home of a woman who works as a cook.

The dish is named “Jueves,” and it’s a classic and easy way to make a great cookie or cake.

“The cookies are really light, they have just the right amount of sugar,” said one of the family members, Juan Luis Castañeda.

“You don’t need too much,” added his wife, Celia Castaño.

Castaña said he loves the tradition of making his family’s chocolate peanut butter cookies.

“It’s something that has always been in my heart,” he said.

The Castaanes are one of many families who have adapted this traditional dish to include peanut butter in the pies.

“We started with peanuts,” Castaeda said.

“There’s a lot of them around, so we figured we’d use them.”

Castaadas said they use peanuts because they’re easier to digest than butter.

“Peanut butter is a bit nutritionally dense,” Castaradas said.

Castas have made a variety of recipes using peanut and jelly for cookie dough, jelly sauce, cheese sauce, and even pizza crusts.

The cookies are also a favorite of his grandchildren, and Castaillas said they’ve always loved to make them.

“I love the cookies, they’re so easy to make,” Castavas said.

He also loves making a batch of the cookies to freeze for the holidays.

“Because I don’t have any peanut butter left, I’ve made a batch and freeze it,” Castava said.

This recipe is made with peanut butter.

Castaneda said he was inspired to try this recipe when he went to Spain last year.

“In Spain, it’s just a lot easier to make cookies,” Castanada said.

But his favorite way to eat his cookies is to slice them.

The pie is usually topped with a chocolate sauce.

“For the chocolate sauce, I’m using chocolate chips,” Castamadas said with a laugh.

“My kids like to lick it off the side, but I usually give them a piece and give them chocolate chips.”

Castas said he’s happy to share the new recipe with the rest of the Castanadas family.

“That’s something we hope everyone will try,” Castamara said.

In an effort to make these cookies more accessible to people of all ages, Casta-Valls plans to start a website where people can order a jar of jueve cookies.

He said he’ll be sharing the recipes with other families that have adopted this tradition.

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