What a game-changing trade for the Knicks | Paul Coro

As a rookie, Carmelo Anthony took his game to a whole new level, and that game-ending jumper with 8 seconds left in Game 7 of the 2017 NBA Finals is one of the most iconic in league history.

The highlight of the NBA season is never going to be the same, and in 2017, it wasn’t even close.

However, there’s one game that was played that has to be seen to be believed.

Carmelo had the ball at the top of the key and he was going to make it.

That’s when the unthinkable happened.

The Knicks had a chance to win the series and the series was on the line, but they had already blown it.

With two minutes left, they had to go to the line again and once again, the clock struck 8 seconds.

That second chance to make the playoffs would be crucial to the team’s chances of reaching the Finals.

Now, the Knicks are set to face the Warriors in Game 6, and they’ve already gotten a little revenge for losing in 2017.

The Warriors came to the Garden to play the Knicks, and it wasn’ t supposed to be like this.

It would have been the first game played in Madison Square Garden in six years, and the Knicks were the only team in the NBA to not be the champion.

But when the game started, the mood in Madison was different than usual.

The crowd was pumped.

The noise was insane.

And the Knicks weren’t even the favorites.

They were the underdog.

It wasn’t supposed to happen.

The Celtics beat the Knicks in Game 5 of the Finals, and now the Knicks will play a team from the West Coast in Game 1 of the conference finals on Tuesday night.

Carmel had just come off a season where he averaged 21.8 points, 10.2 rebounds, 3.9 assists and 1.2 steals per game.

Now he was ready to take on the Celtics in Game 4.

The game had started off as a one-point lead for the Celtics.

But after a few minutes, the momentum shifted in favor of the Knicks.

The buzzer sounded.

And after a little while, everyone went crazy.

They knew that the Knicks had one last shot at the series.

And for those of you who didn’t watch Game 4, you probably don’t know what happened next.

The Cavs won the series in five games, and while the Celtics won the title, it was still the biggest upset in NBA Finals history.

Carmela took the floor in Game 3 and had a lot of fun.

He was going after the basket, shooting 3-pointers, doing everything he could to get his teammates going.

In Game 4 it was the exact same thing.

The Bulls won in six games, but it was one of those games that really changed the complexion of the series for the Warriors.

The Cavaliers won Game 5 and the Warriors beat the Cavs in six.

Now Carmelo was ready for Game 6.

He took the court in Game 2 and his teammates didn’t miss a beat.

He had a great game.

And he had a good shot at making the Finals after his first game in Madison.

But the Knicks just didn’t have the same amount of energy in the first half.

With the game tied at 76 and the Cavs leading, Carmel made a quick, simple layup.

The ball rolled up, and he went straight to the basket.

The clock was ticking down.

The team didn’t care.

The next play was the most important play in the entire series.

After a couple of possessions, the Celtics made the most amazing play in basketball history.

With less than four minutes left in the game, they took over the game and made a run.

They scored nine straight points.

Thats when the clock finally hit 8 seconds, and as the clock ticked closer, Carmell decided to pull up for a shot.

He did.

The first pass was straight at the basket and a few seconds later, the ball was coming back to Carmel.

The second pass was a 3-pointer.

The third pass was an easy floater.

The fourth pass was on his left wrist.

And it was all on a gorgeous, perfect shot.

The perfect shot to save the Knicks and save the NBA.

Carmell took the final pass and it was an absolute classic.

It was the perfect end to a perfect series.

But before he could celebrate, the team had another chance to get back in the series after Game 5.

With about 8 minutes left and the Cavaliers leading, the Warriors came out with an all-time classic, and you can bet that everyone in the Garden was cheering for the team that had been the most dominant in the league that night.

After the game ended, Carmela walked into the tunnel and went to shake hands with his teammates.

After his team got back into the game in Game Six, the fans went wild.

They couldn’t stop talking about the series, and people were already speculating about what the Warriors will

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