Why you should buy Epazote instead of MDMA in Japan

By Jessica Alba, Business Insider/The Verge If you’re looking for an alternative to the black market drug ecstasy, you’ll find it on the shelves of many Japanese drugstores.

But you’re unlikely to find the cheaper drug in Japan.

Instead, the drug that is supposed to be the equivalent of ecstasy in the US has recently been banned from sale in the country.

The Epazotec is a synthetic version of the drug, the more potent version of MDMA, which has been linked to a range of health and mental health issues in Japan, including an increase in suicide attempts.

A ban on the drug has been in place since November, but a number of online stores and retailers have now removed the drug from their shelves.

The news was announced on Wednesday by the Japanese Drug Enforcement Agency (JDSA), which said that the Epazos will be replaced with cheaper alternatives.

In addition to the drug’s safety, the drugs’ legality in Japan is also under scrutiny.

It’s been estimated that over 1 million people have used the drug.

In a statement to Business Insider, JDSA said that it was determined that there is no risk to public health and safety posed by the use of the drugs.

“It was decided that the products for use by individuals are to be replaced,” the statement said.

“It will be up to each individual seller to decide how they will distribute their product.”

The drug’s ban came just days after a woman in the U.K. was sentenced to jail for taking ecstasy and then selling it on online for more than $15,000.

The drug was seized by police, but the woman has appealed the decision and is currently in custody.

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