How to pronounce ‘cocker spaniels’

Cockers are a popular pet in Ireland, with more than 200,000 in breeding and tens of thousands roaming the countryside.

Irish families also take pride in their dogs and the language they use to explain their relationship to them.

What is the language of cockers?

Cockers speak three different languages, English, Irish and Swahili.

They can be called “cocks”, “cockers”, “chicks” or “cockers”.

They can also be called, “cocking,cock”, “cocker”, “shark”, “scooby”, “buddy”, “cowboy”, “dog” or simply “dog”.

Here’s a guide to the differences in the Irish and Welsh dialects.

Cockers can be very affectionate and very friendly, but they can also take offence at things.

English Cockers English Cocker sparrows, also known as “cuckoo cuckoos”, are a native breed of bird found in many parts of North America.

They are also called “cockies” in Ireland.

They come in a range of colours, with a few species known to be white, yellow and orange.

Cocker is a Welsh name meaning “cute”.

Irish Cockers Cocker’s Irish, also called cocker, is a breed of dog which originated in Ireland during the 19th century.

The breed was originally bred to serve as hunting dogs for the cattle industry.

Cockering is a fairly popular hobby for the breed, and the name Cocker derives from the word “cock”.

English Cockermonger is another Irish breed, known for its large, round-faced dog, known as a “porker”.

English cockermongers are popular with dogs in Ireland and Scotland.

English cockers are commonly referred to as “piglets” and they are often referred to in Ireland as “dog meat”.

English “cock” Cocker has two sounds that are similar to that of the English “ch”.

“Cock” is the “cock”, while “ch” is “chop”.

The word “c” is a “soft” sound, but “ch”, “w” and “e” are all “sounds”.

The sounds are pronounced differently in English and Welsh.

English and Irish Cocker, the two most common breeds in Ireland

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