Former Fox News host says Trump’s comments are ‘disgusting’

FOX NEWS — President Donald Trump on Tuesday lashed out at a former Fox News anchor and his former boss after he suggested a reporter might be fired for questioning the president’s credibility.

“I think a lot of people are looking at me as the candidate that I am, the candidate who I am,” Trump said at a White House press briefing on Tuesday.

“And I think they’re looking at it in a different way.

They’re looking in a much different way at me.

And I think it’s disgusting.

I don’t think it is.”

The President also ripped former Fox chief Roger Ailes, who was fired by Fox News in April, for the network’s decision to hire former White House adviser and former Trump campaign adviser Sebastian Gorka as a Whitehouse correspondent.

Trump also said the network “did not hire him because he’s a good guy, he was hired because he knows me.”

Fox News, which has been criticized for its conservative bias, has been trying to attract new viewers, and is trying to boost its ratings.

But Trump’s criticisms of Fox News and Ailes’ firing has put Fox News at odds with the president, who has previously accused the network of “trying to silence me.”

“When Fox News hired Sebastian Gorkas as a political analyst, the network made no effort to vet him or find out what his credentials were.

The network hired him because of his credibility,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday morning.

“I don’t know why the network would do that.

Why would they give me a reporter who’s a very talented guy, who’s got very good credentials, and yet they would not vet him?

It’s disgusting.”

Fox & News, meanwhile, said it would not be making any further comment on Ailes and Gorka.

Ailes is not the first high-profile Fox News figure to lash out at the President.

On Monday, former Fox executive Roger Ainsworth said Trump’s tweets were “totally inappropriate” and that the President “is going to be held accountable for any damage that he’s done.”

Ainswill also called Trump’s remarks on CNN “disgusted” and “truly despicable.”

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