How to make Lavender and Black Lavender with Lavender oil

By adding lavender oil to your shampoo, shaving soap, and body wash, you can create a lavender scent with just a few simple steps.

Lavender is a very unique plant, and we have had many requests to use lavender oils for products that contain it, so this post will be about how to make lavender and black lavender with lavender, the two most popular black lavenders.

The first step is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Then, place a damp cloth or towel on your face and gently squeeze the cotton of the cotton into the bowl of soap and add a few drops of lavender to the water.

The next step is drying your face with a dry towel.

After drying, add lavender again and let sit for about 30 minutes.

Then rub the cotton again to create a small patch of lavenders oil.

Once this is done, gently rub the patch of oil into your skin and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes before you use. 

The next step for black lavends is to add a small amount of lavendar oil to the dry towel you used for your first step.

After using the dry towels, you will need to gently rub a small section of lavend on your skin.

Then gently rub it again into your face, and allow the mixture to sit at least for 15 minutes before using.

After that, rub the mixture onto your skin, and wait until the mixture is fully absorbed into your pores.

Then massage your face gently for 15 to 20 minutes before rubbing it into your hair.

The final step is adding a small drop of lavander oil to a damp towel and leaving it for a few minutes before applying to your hair and neck. 

Once your hair is dry, you may want to remove the lavender from your hair with a thin brush or a soft sponge. 

Lavender Oil Ingredients: 1 cup of lavends oil 1/2 cup of water (about 1 teaspoon) 1 tablespoon of lavende essential oil Toothpaste, or your favorite soft toothpaste, for styling 1 large lemon leaf (about 2 tablespoons) 2 tablespoons of lavande essential oil (about 10 drops) To be able to use a small piece of lavandes essential oil, you need to add the lavend essential oil to it.

Lavend is a plant from the plant family of the same name that is often used in perfumery.

It is a red, sweet smelling and slightly spicy scent that has been used for centuries as a beauty product.

Lavandes oil is also used as an insecticide and as a repellent.

Lavander oil has been traditionally used to create beauty products, perfumes, and cosmetics. 

This post is part of our Black Lavender Oil series.

Learn more about Lavender Extracts here. 

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