US dog breeds with English, Italian ancestry to be tested for genetic link to autism

A new breed of dog that has been bred to look and behave like an English retriever will be tested in the United States to see if it has a genetic link with autism.

The American Kennel Club said on Wednesday that it has started testing the English Shepherd dog for the condition.

The breed, which is named for the dog’s “English” ancestry, is bred to have an aggressive and territorial nature and is also considered to have some genetic defects, the American Kennels Club said.

A test of the breed will be done in the US, the association said.

The dog has been described as a “very large, powerful, aggressive, and sensitive dog”.

The Kennels and Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, which owns the breed, said on its website that it breeds the breed because “it has a long history of being the standard breed of English retrivers for the British Isles”.

The breed is now being tested in Australia.

“The association has identified four areas in which it has found that the dog has a risk of autism,” the statement said.

The association said it is working on improving the breed. “

We know that there are still areas of research to be done to fully understand the causes of autism, but the association is working to find answers.”

The association said it is working on improving the breed.

It said it has not yet decided whether to test other breeds, including the Siberian Husky and American Staffordshire Terrier, that are not considered to be at increased risk.

The AVMA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The association has said that it plans to continue testing the dog.

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