When the internet is your friend, the internet becomes your enemy

New York magazine’s most popular photo blog has a big story to tell. 

The story is about how, as a result of the internet, we’ve become so much more interconnected than ever before.

But what is the internet? 

What makes it so great? 

How can we use it to create a new social economy and, ultimately, a new society?

This is the question New Yorkmag.com asked a panel of experts, including internet experts, businesspeople and activists, at the inaugural Digital Futures Conference, held last week in Brooklyn.

We asked some of them to share their visions and answers. 

Here are our panelists, with their own words. 

Nadia J. S. Patel, founder and CEO of New York Media Group “The internet has become the great bridge between the world of commerce and the world we live in.”

– Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, professor of media, Carnegie Mellon University “The internet is so important because it allows us to access so many things we need, and it allows people to interact with each other in a way we haven’t had in the past.”

– Anwar Khan, cofounder and CEO, Zoho Group “When the internet has changed how we think, the world has changed what we do.”

– Eric Hsieh, founder, HsieH Group “The Internet has allowed us to create, innovate, and create jobs, and to create more value for the economy. 

It has made us a superpower. 

– Alex Occhipintsev, author, The New York Times “The new internet is the best thing that ever happened to us. “

The problem with the internet isn’t that it’s a great invention, it’s that it isn’t a good society.”

– Alex Occhipintsev, author, The New York Times “The new internet is the best thing that ever happened to us.

The internet has brought humanity together, and we can build it.”

– Tarek Fatah, former executive director, Arab World Forum “The future is digital.”

– Shazia Ali, CEO of Tareks, a global startup and technology consultancy firm “The first real digital revolution in history was the internet.”

– Yousif Al-Sheikh, co-founder and chairman, the Khazarian Group “It will not be enough for us to be better people if we continue to be slaves to the internet.

We need a new economy.

We don’t need a digital revolution.

We just need a better economy.”

– Jens Meyer, founder of MuckRock, a data mining firm “We are now in the second industrial revolution.

It will be the same as the industrial revolution, only this time, it will be more destructive.”

– Joseph M. Schumpeter, Nobel laureate in economics “The biggest obstacle to the transformation of the economy is the same that will stop it from being transformed: the ability to access information and knowledge.

 The internet will have to be our salvation.”

– Paul J. Murphy, coauthor, The End of History: The New Industrial Revolution “Technology can transform a society in a very short period of time.

But when it does, it creates enormous problems and will inevitably create more problems in the future.

Technology is an extremely powerful tool, and the internet can be an enormous tool, but it will not solve all the problems.

The technology we use is changing us.” “

I hope that this conference will help us to rethink our relationship with technology and our expectations of it.

The technology we use is changing us.”

– Sarah Dutta, founder & CEO, The Munk School of Global Affairs & Global Development at Columbia University “We have to move away from the idea that we are all connected.

It is the first and last time in history that we have been forced to use technology as a way to communicate.

We will need to create new ways of being and being more productive, more responsive, and more responsive to our needs.”

– Samir Khouri, former deputy director, National Economic Council, World Bank “We should be careful that we do not overuse technology and become dependent on it.

The Internet has changed our way of life, but we need to learn to live with it.” 

– Peter T. Smith, former president, IBM “Technology has always been a way for us and it is a way of communication, and if we’re not careful, it can be destructive.” 

– Robert L. Bartlett, cofounding partner, The Beck Group “We’re seeing an enormous opportunity to rethink how we manage our time, and our relationships with technology.

Technology has changed us, but how do we use that technology to create the kinds of global communities that are most productive and resilient?”

– Adam P. Katz, cochair, the Atlantic Council “We will be living longer and healthier than ever.

I’m not saying it’s inevitable, but I do believe that this is the future.” –

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