How to make a homemade muffin without milk

The first time I made a muffin, it was a huge success!

Now, I’ve had several attempts at this muffin recipe, and my first attempt was not very successful.

But, after trying several muffins, I was able to find the perfect consistency for my family.

It’s a traditional muffin in which the muffins are filled with milk and topped with a mixture of nuts, nuts, and nuts, which give it the taste of peanut butter.

My family loves this muffins.

They are a great way to use up leftover ingredients or leftover homemade stuff.

So, when I heard about this recipe, I knew it was worth trying.

I started by combining the almond flour and cornstarch in a food processor and adding them to a small bowl.

Then, I used my hands to blend the almond and corn starch into a fine powder.

Once the powder was mixed, I added the water and almond milk and processed until the mixture was very smooth.

After the dough was ready, I shaped it into two rounds.

Next, I took the almond dough and started folding it into the dough into small, circular balls.

This was a very simple process, but it worked perfectly!

Finally, I placed each ball in a muffins pan and filled each muffin with the mixture.

As the muffin came out of the muffinet, the balls started to puff up, creating the desired consistency.

Each muffin was about 4-6″ x 3-4″ x 1″ and weighed about 30-35g.

Now that you’ve tried this recipe out, what do you think of it?

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