India says no to US-Pakistan deal

NEW DELHI: India on Friday said it was “very dissatisfied” with a proposed US-Pakistani agreement that would allow the two countries to move forward with their planned nuclear cooperation.

A senior Indian official told reporters that it was very dissatisfied with the proposal which India described as “illegal and unworkable”.

The official, who asked not to be identified, said the government had asked Pakistan to submit a response within 48 hours.

India said it would take up the issue with Islamabad and Pakistan’s foreign minister said the two sides had already discussed the issue.

India, which has been the United States’ main regional and international security partner, has been angered by the US-led agreement between the two nations, which would see Islamabad take over India’s nuclear-armed nuclear plants.

India said it opposed the agreement, but said it remained open to further discussions.

“India remains ready to continue talks with Pakistan on all the issues of mutual interest,” India’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

Pakistan, which is also a key US ally, is a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, an international organisation that oversees arms control and non-proliferation agreements.

Pakistan has long argued that the nuclear deal would enable it to take over the country’s atomic plants and restart them.

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