When it comes to getting a job in India, you need to know your roots

A job in a small city in India could be the best place to find a job, according to a new survey.

The survey by the Economic Times, which is the largest online newspaper in the country, found that a job seeker needs to know about about local history, languages, and other cultural aspects.

According to the survey, people from different ethnicities, religions and nationalities were able to find jobs in India with a median salary of Rs. 4,600 ($1,300).

However, people with lower education levels were also able to get a job.

“The job market in India is not that big, so it is important to have a background in the local culture and history,” said an unnamed job seeker from a middle-income city.

While there are many job opportunities in cities like Chennai and Mumbai, the average salary for a full-time employee is about Rs. 7,600, while a part-time one earns about Rs 3,300.

As for the jobs offered by various corporates, many of them are not suitable for people from the same socio-economic status as themselves.

An Indian Express article by Rajesh Gupta, where the survey is based on a large sample of 500,000 people, found the average income in India for a household headed by a single person was Rs. 9,300 ($3,100).

The survey also found that while job vacancies have increased in recent years, the number of vacancies has not kept pace with demand.

The average salary of a full time employee in India was Rs 4,000 ($1) while a full term employee made Rs 4.50 ($1.50) and a part time employee made around Rs 3.50 (Rs 4,500).

As a result, the survey said job seekers need to have experience in various fields and be prepared to work for minimum wage, but not at the same time.

For the job seeker, it was essential to know the history of their job and the language and regional differences of the country they are looking for, the study said.

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