Why you might be confused about your own last name

A few days ago, my sister, who was born in New York City, was visiting my parents in Brooklyn, and we decided to take a break.

I was surprised that she had a last name like my own, as I was still learning to read and write.

So I asked her if she had any last names that sounded like mine.

“Yeah, I have a name like that,” she said.

She told me her last name was “Mack,” and that she and her parents thought they were calling her “Molly.”

She said she had to explain to my parents that she didn’t think my name was Molly.

My mother was also confused.

“I know I have my own name,” she told me.

“My last name is Mack.”

She was not the only one.

Many people in our country, who don’t speak the same language, might be thinking that I’m not my family’s name.

If you don’t know your own name, or you think you have a family name that sounds like yours, it can make it difficult to understand the difference between your name and the one you are born with.

If your last name sounds like mine, it may be that you have no idea what it means or that you don.

This article originally appeared on Vice News.

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