Bosnian translation of ‘Star Wars’ for English language

By MIRK-MIRK GARNERThe new translation of Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens has come in a bit of a surprise to those who have been following the Star Wars saga since it first began in 1977.

While some have expected the film to translate into English as it has in the US, this new translation comes in at a rather disappointing 0.9.5 on Metacritic.

This is not great news for those hoping that the film would translate into the English language, as it was reported that it would translate well enough for a release in 2018.

However, this does not mean that the new translation is completely bad.

As the film is still being translated into other languages, it’s still likely that the final result will be better than this.

That being said, there are some other problems that need to be addressed, such as the fact that the translation was made by a former Star Wars translator, and that the movie is not as good as it should be.

This translation of the film was made in collaboration with the production company, ILM, who are also responsible for the first two Star Wars movies, The Force Unleashed and The Empire Strikes Back.

The new translation was a work in progress for over a year and is based on the latest release in the franchise, The Last Jedi.

It’s hard to believe that the work on this translation is only a matter of a couple of months, but the film has already received a lot of positive feedback.

However, it has been criticized by some fans, who claim that the language is not accurate and that it lacks some of the finer details that make the film so special.

This translated translation will certainly be different from the film, but fans are still left to hope that the translators will deliver a better translation than the original release.

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