Spanish-language newspaper slams US for banning Catalan TV show

A Spanish-based newspaper has called on US President Donald Trump to ban the publication of a Spanish-only TV show and to withdraw a Spanish version of his official US citizenship papers.

In a column on Tuesday, the newspaper El Mundo said it wanted the US President to withdraw his US citizenship documents and to end the ban on the production of Spanish-to-English television series by the Spanish-speaking television network El Munde.

The programme was to be broadcast by the broadcaster on its sister channel in Spain, Televisa.

The paper said the programme, called “Alpines de las muertos”, was produced in Spanish, but it was only translated into English and broadcast in Spanish by Televizia.

It also said that the programme was not authorized by the government of Spain.

El Mundo did not specify which Spanish-controlled television channels were participating in the project, but Televiza’s Spanish-run channel, La Vanguardia, was among the stations that signed the contract.

La Vanguardia has been an independent TV channel for over two decades.

The Spanish government has said it does not own the channel.

El Chapo Guzmán, a fugitive drug lord who has been holed up in the mountains of Mexico, has repeatedly refused to return to the United States, saying he is in Mexico and not in the United Nations, where he has been detained since last year.

His whereabouts have been unknown since a US military raid in his hometown of Culiacán on February 2.

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