The German dictionary of toys

The German word german translates to “thing” and is used to describe a large, bulky, or sturdy object.

It also has several other uses in German, including “to” and “this.”

German is a dialect of English that has a number of differences.

It’s a lot closer to English than most languages in the United States, with many words coming from German rather than English.

While the word germans name has no relation to any word from English, the German language has a very specific pronunciation that is similar to English pronunciation.

For example, german-English dictionary has this word in its article on toys.

The dictionary says: Germans word gewicht is a diminutive of the words Gewicht, Gewich, and Gewirk.

Gewich is an English verb meaning “to get” or “to carry.”

Geben is a German noun meaning “a large, heavy, and bulky object.”

Another word that sounds like geben (giant) is gern, which means “giant.”

There is also a German word that translates to a toy, called gebet.

According to the German dictionary, gebets are large, sturdy, or large-looking objects.

Many of these toy names can also be used as translations of German names.

German toy words include German word for big, large, and sturdy object, gesamt (gesture, gesture) German noun meaning toy, toy (German) Gesamte is a large wooden toy.

If you’re looking for a german dictionary, this one is very well worth a look.

Also, check out this guide to toys and toys, which is a fun and comprehensive list of toy vocabulary.

What do you think?

Does this German word make sense?

Tell us in the comments below!

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