Why are Bosnian migrants in Ireland afraid to speak English?

Here is a list of the reasons why Bosnian asylum seekers are afraid to leave their home country: • Their home is a war zone.

The war has left their families homeless.

Many have been unable to work for years.

Many fear being deported to Serbia, where they will be beaten and tortured by Serbian authorities, and the government will deport them.

• Many of the Bosnian refugees have never left the country and their relatives in Serbia are afraid that if they do, they will lose their only family member.

• They are not able to pay rent, pay utility bills, or buy basic food and clothing.

They do not have access to health care and they are at risk of deportation if they return.

• The EU has closed its doors to them.

The EU is currently paying about €400,000 a month for every refugee in Serbia.

But the EU does not have the power to close the borders, nor can it deport the refugees.

• Serbs and Bosnians live together.

Many Bosnian people are in fear of Serb soldiers and Serbian police.

Many of them have nowhere to go.

• When they come back, the people of Serbia will be angry.

They will want to know why they are being sent to Europe.

• Serbia is a land of peace.

Serbia has been ruled by the United Kingdom for centuries and is one of the most stable and democratic countries in the world.

The Bosnian conflict is not a war, but a struggle between two peoples who want to live in peace and harmony.

• Their relatives have been killed.

Many people have suffered at the hands of Serbs or Bosnian soldiers.

Many refugees have been raped.

There have been reports of child rape and the murder of women by Serbs.

Some refugees have lost their children.

The European Commission has said that the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is “unacceptable.”

They have requested that the European Commission and European Council suspend the refugee program and impose a moratorium on the return of refugees from the conflict zones in Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

If they are successful, it will be the first time that the Commission has taken such action in more than a decade.

The Commission has stated that it has “no doubt that the Bosnis in Serbia suffer from the same conditions that existed before the war.”

This is an unprecedented move, but it is a step forward.

I want to thank the EU and the European Council for this.

It is also important to note that the resolution is the result of a joint working group, the European Parliament, the Council, the Parliament of the European Union, the Balkan Council and other European and Balkan governments.

They all voted in favour of the resolution.

The working group that produced this resolution was created by the European parliament, the council, the parliament of the EU, the government of the Balkans Republic, the Bosniak community and other groups.

The Parliament of Serbia also supported the resolution and the Council of Europe.

The work of the working group was completed in early May and it was presented to the Council.

The Council, in a resolution, unanimously endorsed the resolution in its June 22 meeting.

The resolution was then adopted by the Council at its June 27 meeting.

This is a positive step forward for the European asylum seekers.

I would like to thank all those who supported this resolution.

I hope that the Council will take this action and the EU will do likewise.

The main goal of this resolution is to stop the migration crisis and to restore the peace and stability of the region and the world and to stop any further human misery.

As the European Commissioner for Refugees, I will continue to support the Council’s decision to take a more proactive approach to tackling this issue.

For more information, please see the press release.

In the coming days, the EU Council will be meeting to discuss the situation of asylum seekers in Serbia, Bosnia and the Bosna and Montenegrin states.

For the next 24 hours, we will be working together to find a solution to the crisis in the EU.

The Irish Minister for Justice, Justice and Equality, Eamon Ó Ríordáin, will also be in Dublin this afternoon to address the Irish people about the situation.

For a comprehensive report on the crisis, please read the following: European Commission’s response to the asylum crisis, June 22, 2017

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