How to pronounce old english

Telugu and Hindi are often considered the oldest languages on earth.

But how are they different?

And how should we pronounce them?

English has a long history of being spoken in the Indo-Pacific region.

And the ancient languages spoken there are still very much alive today.

Telugu has a much more recent history, but its history spans more than two thousand years.

So, how do they sound?

How can you pronounce Telugu?

We are using the word “Telugu” in the plural here, because it is a very common word in the region.

But in the original script, the “T” is pronounced like a “t”.

The pronunciation is the same in the English-speaking world, but there are some slight differences.

First, you need to be able to pronounce the letter “T”.

That is, the letters “t” are pronounced as “te”.

In English, the letter that ends the vowel is pronounced as a “te”, so if you were to pronounce “te” like this, you would be pronounced “teel” instead of “tel.”

This is because the vowel “t”, which is “teh”, is pronounced differently in Hindi.

When you pronounce the “tehn” part of “tee”, you should pronounce it as “ten”, like “ten thousand” instead.

This sounds like “thousand-thousand” and it is the most common pronunciation in Hindi, but it’s not the same sound.

Next, you can’t just say “teeh” or “teeth” like you can in English.

That sounds like a sound “tay” or a “threeh” as in “th-ree-h”.

So, the pronunciation in Telugu is different, and the consonant “tai” is “th”, but the consonants “ah” and “uh” are “th”.

And the letter of “ah”, pronounced like “eh” is like “tah”.

If you can just pronounce the letters like that, you are good to go.

If the letter you want to pronounce sounds “teesh”, that is, like the letter in “tew”, you need a “ten” sound.

That is, you must pronounce it like this.

Finally, if you can pronounce it with the letters pronounced “th” and the “eh”, that means you should say “tesh” instead because the letter with that sound is “sheeh”.

But, if the letters sound like “h” or like “oh”, they are “shah” or just “she”.

So, there you have it.

Telangana’s oldest language is still spoken in this part of the world.

But now that the region is expanding, how will this affect the language?

If we talk about the language’s future, it is not clear yet.

There are some proposals to change the language to an English-style script.

But it will not be easy to make the transition.

And even if it is possible to make an English script, it may not be possible to teach the new language in India.

India has one of the largest and most sophisticated linguistic communities in the world, with tens of thousands of native speakers and thousands of non-native speakers.

There are some languages spoken in India, like Tamil, but the majority are in the Telugu family.

To be sure, it will take time for the language of the future to spread across the entire region, but at least the current state of Telugu may be good enough for today’s learners.

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